Nissin Di866 Mkii

The Nissin Di866 Mark II is in the same general class nikon canon sony

Nissin Di866 Mkii

TIME appeared to be that third-party flashguns cost E50 and broke off their hot shoe in Ihe first four week period. Nissin’s latest Di866 Mkii shows how much things get changed – it has a metal hot shoe but at good under 400g it’s light in addition to small for a GN60 nominal rating gun.
Additionally , it has more products built in than you could want. By way of example, under the cover for its USB firmware updating dock and high power battery pack cable you will also find a coaxial sync socket allowing use with all kinds of elder cameras, just add a short cable. In addition to, if you do, set the gun to Av (Auto aperture mode) for it to give auto exposure utilizing a thyristor type sensing cell. Also you can switch to that method unless you like TTL on your digital SLR camera
But tie main grounds for not Iking TTL is a consistent exposure error. The Nissin can be completely calibrated to give any degree of over or under exposure. ±3EV, in third-stop steps. It is possible to adjust it to suit your DSLR camera.

The Nissin Di866 Mark II is in the same general class as Canon’s 580 and Nikon’s 900 scries guns. It is made in these fits and also for Sony Alpha

On top of that, when used m any auto mode it can also be designed with flash compensation, on the gun’s clever full colouring rear interface. If you camera also has flash compensation too, you can use that, and the effects will be added.
In wireless mode, the Nissin acts as a commander or master. When mounted on a compatible camera body, it can control up to 3 channels and 4 groupings of remote flash with ratio setting, including having the master emit no flash itself.

The wireless assortment is an impressive 25m compared to the usual 15m of such systems, and the receptor angle is 100?. The same links with an optical slave cell also fitted into this gun. This allows it to be prompted by studio flash or any conventional flash, as an alternative to by wireless TTL. However, many digital cameras have a pre-flash which can’t be disabled. So the Nissin Di866 adds an electronic flash slave cell mode, which automatically recognizes the extra light bursts and synchronizes accurately. This enables the gun to be used as a high power off camera flash by using many compacts.

The rear color display and its navigation system are the best I’ve ever encountered on a flashgun. It is better to understand than any other control system. That’s just as well considering that no instruction manual is supplied Gust a large pictorial sheet) and you have to go on-line to download a PDF for full data and also operational info.
Tested, the Nissin proved to be rather generous with its claimed GN, a result of clever reflector design. In fact, the total W/s output was mucn the same as flash units described as GN40 and was about one stop less than my Sony HVL-F58AM, one of the most powerful camera top guns. But this is a well made gun costing around €288 street price (£378 list) with several retailers even lower. This also has a very efficient by using its four AA cells and a neat battery-holder system with regard to fast improvements.

The Nissin Di866 Mkii has much more functions built in to it than makers’ own flash units – with a competitive price.

nissin di866 mkii