Agfa ePhoto CL50 Digital Camera

Professional Digital Photography

The ePhoto CL50 is a high-performing digital camera for business professionals and technology enthusiasts who require advanced features, ease-of-use and a photo-quality, megapixel image. The CL50 offers an optical resolution of 1.3 million pixels (1280 x 960) and through Agfa’s PhotoGenie image enhancement technology, the ability to produce images of 1.9 million pixels (1600 x 1200).

The ePhoto CL50 is distinguished by superlative technology and unparalleled image quality. The elegant and sophisticated interface of this camera allows for a high degree of quick and easy exposure control. The CL50’s 3x zoom lens gets you that much closer to the subject without moving. The photographer has the choice of viewfinder shooting or viewing from the LCD. Preprogrammed buttons provide instant mode changes, i.e. flash-on, red eye, off, etc. The ePhoto CL50 is capable of producing 360-degree panoramic shots with its accompanying PhotoWise software, and you can annotate each photograph with voice for future reminders and record-keeping.

Energy-saving Features

A number of energy-saving features have been built into the CL50 to reduce the frequency of battery changes when shooting in the field. To address the issue of battery consumption and an LCD that “washes out” in bright sunlight, the ePhoto CL50 includes SunCatcher, a built-in prism which directs sunlight behind the LCD screen, conserves battery power and enhances its overall brightness.

The ePhoto CL50’s QuickReview feature allows users to control whether to keep or erase a photo immediately after capturing it. After taking a picture, the image is displayed on the LCD with the option to save or delete the photo. The picture can be deleted immediately even before the image has been saved to the SmartMedia card.

Immediate Print Quality Images with Exceptional Color

The remarkable PhotoGenie technology, built into the PhotoWise software, ultimately delivers an image of just under two million pixels. This amount of information will fill a 5″ x 7″ area with a 150 line screen, at a quality factor of over 1.5 pixels per printed dot. PhotoWise also gives you the power to correct color biases from less than ideal lighting conditions. For quick photo editing and color corrections, the “quick-fix” button gives great results with minimum effort.

High Quality Down to the Details

The engineers and designers of the ePhoto CL50 paid special attention to both the technological functions and the very basic ergonomic details of this camera. The viewfinder zooms with the lens for accurate image composition. There is a Burst Mode that allows users to hold the shutter for continuous shots at half second intervals. (The burst mode allows up to 10 continuous pictures in VGA mode (640 X 480) resolution.) Even the satin-finished vinyl parts are strategically placed to provide a comfortable feel and secure grip when shooting.

Digital Print Order Form – print without a PC

The ePhoto CL50 supports the Digital Print Order Form (DPOF), a new industry standard which provides you an easy method to designate images for printing without having to use a PC. DPOF allows you to designate the number of copies to be printed for each image and store this information on a memory card. When you want to print your digital images simply bring the memory card to a local photo shop or minilab, or use a personal printer.

Agfa’s ePhoto CL50 is of exceptional quality, backed by the strongest name in electronic imaging equipment. High-quality photographs are the primary and final concern of our camera designers and that is what you’ll get with the ePhoto CL50.