Philips Nino 510

Computing power doesn’t have to rest on your desktop; it can travel with you. Keep yourself informed and organized with the Philips Nino 510. The Nino 510 manages your calendar, business contacts, and to-do list; recognizes voice commands; and records voice memos. It also sports a beautiful, razor-sharp color display.
Setting up the Nino 510 was easy–we just inserted the battery pack, connected the Nino dock to our PC, dropped in the Windows CE CD-ROM and followed the setup wizard. The process was entirely straightforward as we followed the instructions on the Quick Start card.

The 510 has a crystal-clear LCD display with 256 vibrant colors–among the brightest, sharpest displays of any handheld PDA we’ve tested. You navigate through the Nino’s applications by either pressing several side-mounted buttons (designed for one-handed operation), by speaking voice commands, or by tapping the stylus on the backlit display. The Nino is especially comfortable to hold and operate. For text input, you have your choice of tapping the on-screen “keyboard” (standard or Tegic T9) or using one of the handwriting recognition systems (Jot or CalliGrapher).

In our tests, we trained NinoVoice–the voice command recognition system–to recognize our commands for common applications (for example, saying “Note Taker” to activate Note Taker). We found NinoVoice no more or less convenient than the more conventional buttons or stylus, but it’s still a cool feature. Also included is CalliGrapher, the sophisticated handwriting-recognition software from ParaGraph. CalliGrapher does not require that you train it to recognize commands, although you can for improved accuracy. This software also recognizes cursive writing.

With its attractive, ergonomic design, digital audio abilities, terrific software suite, and beautiful color display, we highly recommend the Nino 510–the PDA that can keep you both organized and entertained.

Product Specifications:

– Vibrant color touch-screen display (256 colors)
– Microsoft Windows CE operating system
– 16MB memory can be expanded with CompactFlash memory cards to over 48MB
– Voice command, voice recorder
– Wireless infrared (IrDA) connectivity