DVDL50 The portable player features a built-in, 5″ LCD monitor with 280,000 pixel resolution for outstanding picture quality with a wide viewing angle weighs under 2 pounds (without battery). With the battery attached, it weighs just 2.07 lbs. It measures 5.51 inches by 5.96 inches and is less than 2 inches thick. . The touch of a button lets you select either the 4:3 standard TV screen dimension or the 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio supported by most DVD titles.

Advanced Virtual Surround Sound and a DTS┬« audio output are among the new features found on this year’s player. Other improvements include up to 3 hours of playback time, thanks to a new lithium ion battery pack. The DVD-L50 has its battery recharger built right into it, so recharging is easier than ever. For added convenience, a “credit card” sized remote control is supplied. The DVD-L50 also comes with a multi-voltage AC adapter for power supply from 110V to 240V, making it more convenient than ever to take your favorite DVD movies on the road.

“We’ve taken our PalmTheater concept to the next level,” notes Rusty Osterstock, assistant general manager for Panasonic’s consumer DVD division. “DVD forever changed the way people view movies. Panasonic added the convenience of portability. With its extraordinary mobility and playing time, the DVD-L50 lets consumers enjoy the exceptional performance of digital entertainment virtually anywhere.”

Although designed to travel, the ultra-compact PalmTheater DVD-L50 offers the same wide array of features found on full-size DVD decks, and can optimize the performance of the most sophisticated home theater systems. The player features S-Video output, composite video outputs, and direct digital audio output for convenient connection to a TV and audio system for home enjoyment.

A 10-bit video DAC (digital-to-analog converter) provides superb picture quality by minimizing digital artifacts. On-screen menu icons make navigating the player’s features and functions fast and simple. Features include multiple language selection, title/chapter search with marker function, auto switching field/frame still, frame advance (forward and reverse), repeat mode and more.

The DVD-L50 also provides the advanced audio features needed to completely appreciate the DVD experience. Its 96 kHz, 24-bit audio DAC produces optimal sound quality whether you’re playing a CD or DVD disc. The player can deliver superb sound through built-in, front-firing stereo speakers, or through external headphones via a headphone jack. And if you wish to connect the DVD-L50 to your home theater system, Panasonic’s Advanced Virtual Surround Sound feature simulates a 5.1 channel surround sound effect, downmixed from either a 5.1 channel or 2.0 Dolby┬« Digital soundtrack, from the stereo speakers of any home audio system. The player also features output for both DTS and Dolby Digital decoding.